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Meet Anna

Anna About Us

Niagara Falls

I started blogging 5 years ago just for fun. Julian and I had just gotten our Toller, Penny. Being a first time dog owner, there was a steep learning curve.

Blogging was a way to me to organize all of the information I was consuming while showing off my beautiful pup. I was amazed at the community I found. There are many dog-lovers out there who are eager to trade stories and share advice.

At first, I was just learning from others, but soon I became more knowledgeable and people were asking me for help. My audience grew steadily and I realized that I might be able to turn my blog into more than just a hobby.

Through a ton of research and a little help from Julian, I learned more advanced blogging skills like customization, search engine optimization, and promotion. I wrote articles in my blog promoting products that I loved and it wasn't long before I was making enough in referral commissions to focus on my blog full time.

It has been incredibly rewarding to make a living writing about something I am passionate about. Plus, I get to work from home and make my own schedule.

GoStartABlog has been a way for us to share our knowledge with other people, like you, whether you're just starting out or you already have a blog and you want to take it to the next level. We're very proud to be able to help others achieve the same success we have.

Meet Julian

Julian About Us

Hana, Maui

I started blogging as a way to try and make some extra money while I was in college. It was something that I could do in my spare time and I didn't have to leave my bedroom.

I started out pretty conservative with a few new posts a month. I had the flexibility to write about the topics I enjoyed and saw my blog grow slowly over time. After a year of writing, I was able to pay for my books every semester and even a few nights out a month with the money I made.

But not enough to be my day job...

In the years after college, I continued learning (and failing) at online marketing in my spare time after work and on the weekends. Compared to a lot of other success stories, I took the long road to financial freedom that was filled with a ton of mistakes (with just enough successes scattered in to stop me from giving up). One thing is for sure, the internet marketing industry isn't going to give you anything for free.

But after enough failing, it started to come together. I found a few mastermind groups where I was able to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and it took my businesses to the next level. My online portfolio continued to grow and eventually, it was large enough that I was able to try working for myself full-time.

Since then, there has still been quite a bit of failing, but I look forward to it now. I came to realize that the failures forced me to work harder and really believe in what I was doing. If my first project worked out I wouldn't be in nearly the same place I am today. This industry is all about dedication and always learning.

We built GoStartABlog to take all those years of trial and error and put them in one place to help the next people down the online business, blogging, or internet marketing path.​ There is plenty of opportunity available out there for those of you who are ready to put in the time and effort to making your project a success.

Thanks for joining us on GoStartABlog today. We look forward to helping you reach your goals and if you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to reach out to me at julian (at) gostartablog (dot) com.