Basic WordPress Image Tutorial

basic wordpress image guide

Images are a great way to help organize your content and split up the words on your page. Think back to an article or blog post that you have read that didn’t have any pictures. These Wall of Text type articles may be filled with great information, but it is easier to get distracted or bored when reading an article that just has text in it. In this lesson, we will walk through the mechanics of adding, resizing, and aligning images in WordPress.

Adding an Image in WordPress

From the Edit Post screen, position your cursor where you would like to insert your image. Then click the Add Media button and either upload an image or use one that you have previously uploaded.

Resizing an Image in WordPress

After selecting the inserted image, drag the corners of the image to resize it.

Repositioning an Image in WordPress

After selecting the inserted image, click the center of the image and drag it to the new position. You will see a cursor move to the location. Once you have it in the right place, release your mouse click.

Aligning an Image in WordPress

Select the inserted image and you will see a menu appear. You can right-align, center-align, or left-align your image by selecting the appropriate button. You will notice that the text around the image will change based on the alignment. This is a great way to create a natural flow between the text and the images in your content.

Advanced Image Formatting in WordPress

If you want to add a caption to your image or give it alternative text (text that will show up if the user’s browser can’t display the image) you can access those options through the image edit menu. Click on the inserted image and then click on the menu button that looks like a pencil.