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Launch Your Blog

In this step, we'll walk you through launching your blog by signing up for hosting with SiteGround and installing WordPress. If you still need help planning your blog make sure to start at the first page of our How to Start a Blog Guide.

Click above to open SiteGround and get started.

SiteGround Sign Up

Signing up for hosting with SiteGround is simple to do. We’ll walk you through each step so you get exactly what you need. First we’ll help you choose a plan that fits your blog, then you just have to enter the domain name you’ve chosen, and finally you’ll fill in your information, review your choices, and pay.

In the end, you’ll have your own domain and hosting for a full year for under $50. You may choose to add Domain Privacy at the end, which will make the total about $60. We’ll talk about that later and you can decide if you need it.

Choose Plan​

There are 3 different plans to choose from: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek.

We recommend the StartUp plan since it provides plenty of space (10GB), supports up to 10,000 visits per month, and is the least expensive.​

It’s easy to upgrade at any time if your blog grows and you need more space.​

launch wordpress blog


StartUp is the best choice if you’re starting out. 10GB of space and up to 10,000 visits per month is plenty for any new blog. And as your blog grows, you can upgrade at any time. It comes with a free domain, free daily backups, and free email accounts among other things.


As your blog grows, you may upgrade to GrowBig, which provides more space (20GB) and supports 25,000 visits per month. It’s also the best choice if you have more than one website. The GrowBig plan includes everything in the StartUp plan plus more backup copies and priority technical support. To be honest though, SiteGround’s basic support is already really good.​


GoGeek is meant for much larger websites, so it’s the best choice for businesses who have expect a lot of traffic. It offers 30GB of space and supports 100,000 visits per month. On top of everything included in GrowBig, GoGeek also offers some more technical features.


You can easily upgrade your plan at any time so starting with the cheapest plan (StartUp) works for most people.

Click the Order Now button of the plan of your choice. That will take you to the next step where you will enter in the domain name you’ve chosen.

Choose Domain​

There are two options on this page: Register a New Domain and I already have a Domain.

Register a New Domain

Most people don't already own a domain. If you fit into that category, then follow these directions:

  • Check Register a New Domain.
  • Type in the domain name you want.

    We helped you choose one in Step 2: Choose a Name.
  • Pay attention to the extension at the end.

    SiteGround offers a free domain for life as long as it has one of the popular extensions: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .nl

    If you want a different extension, it will come with a small registration fee.
  • Once you’ve entered your domain, click Proceed.

I Already Have a Domain

Some people already own their own domain. If you fit into that category, then follow these directions:

  • Check I already have a domain.
  • Type in the domain name you already own.

    SiteGround will transfer your website for free.
  • Once you’ve entered your domain, click Proceed.

install wordpress blog

SiteGround will then see if your domain is available. If it’s available, then it’s yours and you can move on to the next step where you review your choices. If not, in will recommend some other domains that are similar and you can choose one of them instead.

Review & Complete

This is the third and final step of signing up with SiteGround.

In the first 2 sections, you'll make an account with SiteGround and fill in your personal information.

signing up with SiteGround


Save your password. You'll need it later!

Payment is next! Fill in your credit card details.

Note: If your billing address is different than what you entered above: Uncheck the Billing Address is the same as given in the Contact Information box and fill in your billing address.

filling in billing information

In the last section, review the plan you chose and add any extras you want.

Review your hosting services. Check if the plan is the one you want (we recommend StartUp).

Choose the period you want to sign up for (12 months, 24 months, or 36 months).

Note: You get a special price for using GoStartABlog’s course to sign up. If you want to lock in that price for as long as possible, then choose 36 months. Otherwise, 12 months is great to start out with.

how to get a low rate with your wordpress host

Now look over the Extra Services. You have a few options.

First is Domain Registration. SiteGround provides this for free so it’s already selected.

Next is Domain Privacy. I recommend keeping this one. When you register a domain name, your personal information becomes available to the public through WHOIS. Domain Privacy protects it.

Here is an example of a site with privacy protection. Without it, the contact details shown will have your real information.

example of whois entry

Last is HackAlert. It checks your website daily and lets you know if it’s been hacked or injected with a virus or malware. Most blogs don't need this extra service.

There are 2 main ways something could go wrong:

  • Someone stole your login information, used it to log in, and changed your website. If you have a strong password, this won’t happen.
  • WordPress has a vulnerability. Because WordPress is so big, any vulnerability will be detected and fixed right away. WordPress will notify you so HackAlert would just be redundant.

On top of that, your site is backed up every day. If something goes wrong, you can simply restore it to what it looked like yesterday and move on.

extra hosting features you may not need


You can add HackAlert at anytime if you find you need it.

All that’s left is to check that you read the Terms & Service and click Pay Now.

final confirmation when signing up with SiteGround

Congratulations! You now have a website and a hosting service.

You should see a page that says your account has successfully been created.

This means you can now start managing your website. You will also receive a welcome email with your account information within the hour.

Installing WordPress

Now it’s time to login to the customer area of SiteGround so you can install WordPress. Go to SiteGround.com and click Log In.

If you can’t remember your account information, don’t worry! SiteGround emailed you your login credentials.

how to login to SiteGround

Once you’re logged in, a popup will appear with the Setup Wizard. Select Get WordPress preinstalled on this account and click Proceed.

SiteGround's website setup wizard

Following along with the Setup Wizard, the next page has 2 parts.

First, enter your email in Admin Email and come up with a username and password.

Creating the login details for WordPress


This is different than your SiteGround login information. You will use this username and password to sign in to WordPress whenever you want to work on your blog.

Second, you will choose a theme. WordPress has many free themes to choose from. You can change your theme at any time so just pick one that looks good to you. Then click Submit.

Choosing a theme for wordpress through SiteGround

In the final part of the Setup Wizard, you will be congratulated on setting up your account and it will let you know that WordPress is now installed and ready to use.

You'll see all of the information you need to log in to WordPress and get started managing your blog (You will also get an email with all of this information).

In a new tab or a new window, go to the Admin URL. It will look like this:


how to find your login and password after signing up with SiteGround

Enter your Username and Password and click Log In.

Note: This is what you will do every time you want to work on your blog.

This will take you to your WordPress Dashboard, where all the magic happens!

In the next step, we'll introduce you to the WordPress Dashboard, show you how to change your theme, and help you create your first post and page. Click below to continue.​